Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequently asked questions and answers to them.

You need to be 18 years old or older to be able to use our services.

Business accounts are different from personal accounts in a number of ways. To verify a business account for a company, you will need to submit a certificate of incorporation for the company, as well as the ID of the primary beneficiary. Business accounts feature higher deposit and withdrawal limits and can use API to automate a wide range of system operations. Certain fees may be different for business accounts subject to feature availability.

Due to legal and/or compliance limitations, we are unable to fully offer our services to certain countries or territories. If you did not find your country in the list, it means we do not offer our services to your country, unfortunately.

We offer prepaid MasterCards in two currencies, USD and EUR. The cards are linked and issued to the name in your LTC Cash account. The plastic card can be used to withdraw cash from any MasterCard-enabled ATM and for shopping with any merchant that supports MasterCard.

The card is delivered within 2-4 weeks. We are unable to give you an exact delivery date or provide any delivery status information. Most users get their cards in 4 weeks or less depending on their local postal service.

The card will be available in the middle/end of november.

Please create a support ticket providing your old e-mail address/mobile phone number and the new one. Please note that both, mobile phone number and e-mail address are primary identification components of any LTC Cash account. To prevent unauthorised access to your account, before we change any of these account elements, we may ask for additional verification to make sure it is really you. We may request a photo of you holding your passport or other ID in your hands.

The dialing code of your mobile phone number is entered with 00 instead of +: Please contact the Support and they will correct it in few minutes. You did not receive the confirmation mail? Please contact the Support, they will enter your new e-mail address, without losing your account. You want to change your password? Click on

Bank payment will be possible in the middle/end of november.

As the identity proof we accept following: copy of your passport or your ID-both sides. If you have a residence permit, please upload it together with the copy of your passport/ID, we do not accept just the residence permit. As the address proof, we accept following: electricity bill, gas bill, water bill, internet bill, telephone bill, bank statement or a certificate of registration from the relevant authority (not older than 2 months) and everything has to be visible to get secure from the falsification.